Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Someone is going to do it - it could be you!

There’s a line in an old Chris Ledoux song that goes, “So you want to be a cowboy and you want to rodeo. Well I don’t see nothin’ to hold you back just pack your things and go.”
Just about anything you want is possible. You may ask, “How?” Here is advice I’ve always taken to heart:
The first thing you have to commit to is to improve yourself. Are you trying to get better at what you do or are you remaining the same? Remember, just because you were the Jr. Rodeo Champion or won first with your project at the County Fair - that was the past. Now winning things in the past is fine - really great! It’s a good learning tool and confidence builder, but those wins do not guarantee a bright future. Each day, someone is out there making the decision to better themselves. Each day the bar is being raised. What won yesterday, or even today, is only mediocre tomorrow. Be that person who makes a commitment to get better each and every day.
Once you have decided to become better, you will need a plan. Train a little each day. Study a little each day. Save a dollar each day. Begin to perfect and hone your skills in every way possible. Start with achievable goals and then increase on them. 
The most important thing you will need to do is act. People with big dreams are a dime a dozen. All of the great ideas, all the best plans in the world don’t mean a thing until you put action behind them. There are a select few who act on their dreams. You will probably recognize those who do. They are the successful people you read and hear about each day. Someone will put action with their plan and dreams today, why not you?
Another line in that song goes, “For every man who’s made it, a hundred more have failed.” Study those who have made it. What set them apart from the others? Most times you’d be surprised that it was just a little bit of extra effort. These folk are not super human - nobody is. These are just the ones who made a firm commitment to do it, put a plan into place, set some goals and then acted upon them. Sometimes folks give up not realizing that the extra mile is only one inch away from completion. Someone is going to do it - it could be you!

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