Sunday, December 1, 2013


Some do not know what to do with their life, or feel it has no meaning. I believe we all come into this world with a God-given purpose. If you will pray/meditate about your divine purpose—ideas, opportunities, events and people who are a part of what is “meant to be” will be attracted into your life.
You do not necessarily need to know what your purpose is, just pay close attention to the signs as they come along. Remember, all that comes about in our lives originally arrives through the gateway of our mind.
Many go for things or situations that are not right for them. If you are having to force something into your life, it may not be right. This does not mean you should not work hard for things, just know the difference between working hard for what is right and trying to force something that is wrong. Prayer helps. And remember, what you fight to get, you have to fight to keep. Things that are meant to be tend to work out more smoothly.
Be patient as you strive to achieve your purpose. There are plants in the desert that wait years for just the right amount of rain, at just the right time, before they bear fruit. Even the plants know that everything arrives on divine timing. “...for everything there is a season.”
Listen to what Emerson called “...the small still voice within,” it is your maker helping to guide you.

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Jim Olson is a ranch-raised cowboy, author and entrepreneur. Growing up on the high plains of eastern New Mexico he learned to ride young colts, tend to cattle and drive heavy farm equipment at an early age. 

Jim spent a few years competing in the calf roping event at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association level, qualifying for the circuit finals a few times. He lives on and operates a ranch near Stanfield, Arizona, once a part of John Wayne’s Red River Ranch, and also owns Western Trading Post, dealing in Cowboy and Indian collectibles. 

These great life experiences Jim now uses in his writing career. He writes stories about interesting and extraordinary people of the west including short stories of both fiction and nonfiction. He has a monthly column titled “Cowboy Heroes,” published by several Southwestern and national magazines. Jim has written three books and is working on other projects as well. He can be reached via the web: 


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