Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Poem

Cowboy Night Before Christmas

Onward came the cowboy, came from afar
Curiously following the glow of a star
Arrived at the livery, a place for his horse
Few extra oats on a chilly night, of course
Told the stable man, thanks for the light
Lit the desert nicely - such a dark night
The man just grinned and said with a nod
Sir, it ‘twas not me - I believe it was God!

Between a burro and sheep freshly shorn
Cooed a little baby, not long ago born
Parents huddled, three men gathered round
Gazed lovingly at a babe on the ground
Cowboy was curious as men usually are
Knew right there, the purpose of the star
No doubt in his mind, that he was on hand,
To witness a miracle - worlds only perfect man

The Babe stared at him, right into his soul
Knew all about him, but how did he know?
Piercing blue eyes that seemed to speak
Cowboy got a message - knees grew weak
Then a horse rip-snorted, he sat right up in bed
Guess he’d been dreamin’, twas all in his head
Jumped up with a start, realizing the dream
It seemed so real, these things that he’d seen

A voice came to him from deep within
Cowboy - past is gone, you are forgiven
Trust your instincts inside - I put ‘em there,
Remember I’m with you, here and everywhere
Tend your horses, cattle and your fellow man
For to do right by me, treat ‘em best as you can
He pondered a while the message received
Shore enough a miracle, is what he believed

It rattled round in his head loud and clear
Help your fellow man - both far and near
Remember now, to be kind to children
Care for your soul, you must make amends
Cowboy resolved to do better, best he could
The world surely needs, a bit more good
Then he felt warm and fuzzy all over
Like a wild horse herd, knee deep in clover

He sat there a-rubbin’ grog from his eyes
Looks to the window - saw another surprise
Perched on the sill - a snow-white Dove
Knows it has to be, a sign from above
Cowboy smiled, thought man what a night
Dove then nodded and took off in flight
Twas no use a-trying to sleep after that
Got up, got dressed - stuffed on his hat

As he passed the calendar - on the wall
December 25th - well don’t that beat all?
Out in the barn, it’s time to throw feed
Horse is sweaty, what’s wrong with the steed
Why he’s been ridden, evidence clear showed
Looks to the bin – why oats have been throwed
A cold winter chill, straight down the spine
Knew then he’d encountered  - something Divine! 

Jim Olson © 2011

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